Against the Bedroom Tax: No ifs, no buts, no evictions! (On 28 Nov)

This demo, called by Leeds Hands Off our Homes, is to support a tenant who has a court hearing on Thursday morning for a possession order due to bedroom tax arrears.

A show of support will really help this tenant know she isn’t alone and we’re not going to let her lose her home. It’s also really important to show the council and the Government the rage that we in Leeds feel about cuts to housing benefit and welfare more generally. No-one must lose their home due to this policy. Keep calm and stay put!

You’re welcome to bring your own placards and banners reminding Leeds City Council and other housing providers of their ‘intention’ not to evict tenants affected by welfare cuts.

Please come and share amongst your friends, via this Taking Soundings page or this Facebook page (which includes a map to find the venue)

At 9.45am outside the Leeds Combined Courts, city centre, Leeds on Thursday 28th November 2013

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