Agreement of the People

We received this out of the blue. We don’t know much about it. But it could be interesting . . .
Dear Friend We have marched, we have petitioned, we have gone on strike, we have carried out direct actions, we have occupied spaces and places. And still no one listens. The cuts get deeper, our rights dismantled while the political elite ignores climate change.The Westminster political system favours dominant economic and financial interests. So too, do the devolved parliaments in Scotland and Wales .So we are asking you to support the campaign to go beyond protest and create a real democracy where ordinary people get to decide priorities for themselves, their communities and for society. The draft Agreement of the People for the 21st Century sets out some principles that could form the basis of a democratic constitution. The draft is open to improvement and amendment. Supporting organisations and individuals include the National Coalition for Independent Action, the Real Democracy working group of Occupy London, Communities Against the Cuts, John McDonnell MP and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.Please add your name by replying to Sincerely, Claudine Letsae and Corinna Lotz Campaign co-ordinators You can find out much more from our website,, where you can also register your support.Here is a model resolution that you could put before your campaign/group: Millions are disillusioned with a political system that favours the rich and the powerful over the interests of ordinary people. Living standards are plummeting, inequality is growing, and the welfare state lies in ruins. Climate change is out of control. This is a democracy in name only. Our votes count for very little. We therefore support the call for a democratic constitution based on political, social, economic, human and ecological rights put forward by the Agreement of the People for the 21st Century campaign.

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