The politics of ‘anti-politics’: from Nigel Farage to Russell Brand (28 Oct)


The next Taking Soundings meeting is on Tuesday October 28th at 6PM in Broadcasting Place (opposite the Fenton), BPAG10.

Instead of our usual talk and discussion we are having a roundtable discussion on The Politics of Anti-Politics: From Nigel Farage to Russell Brand.

The idea of ‘anti-politics’ is now well-established. Sometimes it is presented as ‘apathy’, in which people are more interested in shopping and entertainment than they are in the content and direction of their societies and the political alternatives open to them.

More appropriately we might pose it as a disengagement from politics, due in part to the enclosed and self-seeking nature of mainstream politics, as summed up in the phrase ‘the political class’. To this can be added a media that fails to educate and reinforces our cynicism about politics. The response to this is then seen as a form of populism, frequently centred on grievances about the direction of modern society, and frequently with all the appearance of racism. The current wave of support for UKIP could thus be seen as a manifestation of this reactionary anti-politics.

But is this true? What does the galvanization of political life in Scotland around the referendum tell us?  We are going to explore the politics of anti-politics by reading and discussing first ‘The Myth of Anti-Politics’ by Anthony Painter, published recently by the policy network. You can link to this here:

There’s much more to be read about the idea. You are welcome to suggest your own ideas and readings.

See you: 6PM, Tuesday Oct 28th, Leeds Beckett University BPAG10.

No need to book, contact Matthew Caygill, for further information.

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