Antonio Martinez-Arboleda on ‘Spain: the Hothouse of the Left’

6pm Wednesday 20th January 2016 in Broadcasting Place BPA312 (Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Fenton), Leeds Beckett University

The evolution of the Spanish Radical Left after the 15M Indignados movement of 2011-13 has been fascinating. A number of very diverse organisations, old and new, now live together in a demanding and blurring electoral space. Podemos, the new main actor of the Radical Left, has moderated its revolutionary language, discourse and programme, whilst the rest of the Radical Left forces are rapidly adapting to the new scenario. Is the Radical Left in Spain liquidated or simply liquefied?

Antonio Martinez-Arboleda, Principal Teaching Fellow in Spanish at the University of Leeds, will discuss the transformation of the Spanish Radical Left in the last 2 years. He will examine the December general election results, identifying the challenges that the different parties and movements of the Radical Left face.antonio

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