Are ‘we’ #Charlie Hebdo? (11th February)


The Taking Soundings readers’ meeting (11th February 2015) will discuss some of the articles on these traumatic events in Paris committee members have come across that we found useful. This is the current list, with the most likely candidates for discussion at the top. The list might change closer to the event, so keep watching this page. Max Farrar will introduce the discussion and he’ll refer to some of the things he’s written over recent years that he thinks are relevant (about radical Islam and its relation to multiculturalism in the UK). We hope readers will have had a good read of the top three articles. Some will read them all – but that’s not compulsory!

Pankaj Mishra reviews some of the responses and suggests a shift in the discourse – a ‘new Enlightenment’ (Guardian 20.1.15)

Tariq Ali provides a nuanced analysis of responses to Charlie Hebdo, concentrating on Muslim responses (London Review of Books 5 Feb 2015) Tariq Ali Charlie Hebdo and the Muslim Response

Some careful distinctions made here by Professor Mahmood Mamdani in The Hindu (newspaper)

Detailed critique of Charlie Hebdo, accusing it of acute Islamophobia, by a former member of its staff

Olivier Cyran originally published in Le Monde (5.12.2013) 

A Canadian defence of the content of Charlie Hebdo, really just saying we don’t get it, because we don’t understand the context or language

On the problem of “context collapse” in reading Charlie Hebdo

Dorian Lynskey on 33 Revolutions per Minute site

Will Self bit on Charlie Hebdo on BBC Newsnight

Close reading of the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo – the best and the worst in Western society

Max Fisher on his Vox blog-site 

‘As a Muslim, I am fed up the hypocrisy o the freedom of speech fundamentalists’

Mehdi Husan in the Huffington Post (13.1.15)

French Muslims explain why they are not #Charlie Hebdo

Kim Sengupta in the Independent (13.01.2015)

Lessons Jews might learn from the Muslims’ response to the Paris atrocities

Deborah Maccoby (Jews for Justice for Palestinians) and Jonathan Friedland’s article on this issue in the Guardian (9.01.2015)

A critique of Liberalism’s tolerance is at the root of Islamic fundamentalism’s resurgence – with some analysis of the ‘Last Men’ of capitalism and the ‘second-class’ men of Islamism.

Slavo Zizek urges us to think afresh (New Statesman 10.01.2105)

A series of meditations on violence (2013)

Introduction by Brad Evans on his website

Max Farrar’s work includes:

Islamist terror is derived from their study of modern revolutionary politics in the West

Max Farrar’s chapter in the edited collection ‘Islam in the West’ (Palgrave, 2013)

Critical multiculturalism’s response to diverse Islamic praxis

Reminding us of the revolutionary violence that was initiated by the European and American far left in the 1970s

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