We Are Many

This is a brilliant new documentary about the massive global protests in 2003 that tried to stop the war on Iraq (the disastrous repercussions of which are still with us). The Hyde Park Picture House is showing it at 8PM on Wednesday June 3rd. Leeds Taking Soundings is sponsoring this and as well as the director Amir Amirani coming for some Q & A, there is going to be a panel discussion with the co-chairs of Leeds Coalition Against the War in 2003: Frances Jones and Sally Kincaid. We recommend this everyone interested in Soundings.

See The Guardian review.

Link to the Hyde Park here.


Readers Meeting on: Bullshit Jobs and Robots – The Future of Work

6pm – 7.30pm Monday 1st June at Broadcasting Place (opposite the Fenton pub), Leeds LS2 9EN.

The Taking Sounding Reader’s Meeting will discuss the implications of technological developments on the future of work. Are we on the brink of a technological transformation on the scale of the industrial revolution? If most of us are no longer required to work for our material needs to be met, what will we do? How will the spoils of industry be shared amongst the population if work is no longer a viable basis for distribution?

Articles by David Graeber: ‘The Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs’ http://strikemag.org/bullshit-jobs/
And John Lanchester: The Robots are Coming’ http://www.lrb.co.uk/v37/n05/john-lanchester/the-robots-are-coming
…will be our starting point for open discussion.

Recent immigrants to UK ‘make net contribution’

Here is some more evidence to throw on the growing pile that shows that immigrants to the UK make a net contribution to the UK economy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24813467

And here is a link to the authors’ own article on a website called The Conversation: http://theconversation.com/revealed-immigrants-put-34-more-into-public-finances-than-they-take-out-19845

This goes some way to busting some immigrant-bashing myths.