Casualisation of labour is a disaster

Driven by privatisation and corporate muscle, zero-hours casualisation is disastrous for workers, jobs and real recovery

Seamus Milne writes:

The hallmarks of David Cameron’s Britain are becoming clearer: payday loansfood banks, the bedroom tax,G4S and now zero-hours contracts. Until this week, it was often claimed that zero-hours jobs – the ultimate “flexible labour market” fix where employees are tied to a company with no guarantee of work – accounted for only a tiny fraction of the workforce.

Now we know that there are about a million of them – and their numbers are escalating. For most, this is 21st-century serfdom: concentrated in low-paid sectors, delivering one-sided flexibility to the employer and insecurity to the worker, with no requirement for holiday, sick or redundancy pay, and imposing wild fluctuations in hours on an often intimidated workforce.  More here

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