The North – what democratic future?

The Hannah Mitchell Foundation presents three events:

Scotland will hold a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom on Thursday 18th September – we consider the wider implications for the UK and in particular the North of England at these events:

LEEDS: Thursday September 11th at the Civic Hall, Calverley Street, Leeds LS1 1UR at 7.30pm. Speakers include Prof. Jeff Henderson, Dr Ying Ho, and Paul Salveson 

MANCHESTER: Monday September 15th, at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street M2 5NS at 6.45pm. Speakers include Dr Andrew Blick, Jenny Cronin (Hannah Mitchell Foundation), Richard Carter (Yorkshire First). Chaired by Dr Andy Mycock. This event is organised jointly with Unlock Democracy.

Coming up: Saturday September 21st: Hannah Mitchell Foundation Labour Conference Fringe Meeting: Northern Democracy? Yes please!
Starts 4.00pm Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane Manchester M2 4JA. Chaired by Anne Baldwin. Speakers include Linda Riordan MP for Halifax , Cat Smith (PPC Lancaster and Fleetwood), Lee Sherriff (PPC Carlisle)

All events are free. More details

John Akomfrah speaking on Stuart Hall

As regular visitors to this site will know, Taking Soundings is partly inspired by the work of Stuart Hall and his colleagues when the established the journal Soundings.

When Stuart died, we published several tributes and analyses of his work (here).  More recently we held a special meeting where Dr Emily Marshal and Dr Anyaa Anim-Adoo  spoke about the ways that Stuart’s work had influenced their own (here).

Last November we worked with the Leeds International Film Festival on a screening of the film called The Stuart Hall Project. The director of that film, John Akomfrah, kindly agreed to answer questions about the film at a discussion Taking Soundings co-ordinated . Here is an edited version of that discussion in which John expands our understanding of Stuart Hall’s work. Apart from the abrupt ending, it’s well worth eleven minutes of your time. It’s available on YouTube here.

Recent immigrants to UK ‘make net contribution’

Here is some more evidence to throw on the growing pile that shows that immigrants to the UK make a net contribution to the UK economy.

And here is a link to the authors’ own article on a website called The Conversation:

This goes some way to busting some immigrant-bashing myths.

Linda Colley on Britishness and its segmentation

In this interesting article [accessed 11.10.13] from the IPPR‘s centre-left journal Juncture, Professor Linda Colley (author of Britons – Forging the Nation 1707-1837) examines some of the issues underlying England’s identity crisis and Scottish independence.  She suggests that, unlike the Scots, the English find holding ‘multiple identities’ a serious challenge. More here