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Everyone at the Left Book Club wishes you a happy 2016. If you subscribed to the LBC before Christmas, you should by now have received your first book, Kevin Ovenden’s Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth. More recent subscribers will receive this book soon, and all will receive the second book Being Red at the end of February. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoyed Heathcote Williams’  docu’ poem The Red Dagger, emailed to you before Christmas. If you haven’t received the PDF, or you have any questions regarding your subscription, email us at

Other LBC titles for 2016 include:

Being Red: A Politics for the Future by Ken Livingstone

How should the left govern? In the wake of a huge surge of interest in the Labour Party, Ken Livingstone serves up an insider’s account of the party and its future, at a pivotal moment in its history.

The Rent Trap: How We Fell into It and How We Get Out of It by Samir Jeraj & Rosie Walker

Jeraj and Walker offer the first critical account of what is really going on in the private rented sector and expose the powers conspiring to oppose regulation.

Cut Out: Living Without Welfare by Jeremy Seabrook

Britain’s welfare state, one of the greatest achievements of our post-war reconstruction, was regarded as the cornerstone of modern society. Today, it is wilfully being dismantled by a succession of governments, with horrifying consequences.

For more details on these books, and to subscribe to the LBC, visit our website at

As a non-profit, independent organisation, every single subscription supports our ability to create a platform for writers dealing with the most important issues facing us today. So it would be terrific if you could persuade a friend or colleague to sign up. We are also keen to establish local LBC reading groups. If you are interested in convening one in your area please get in touch at


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Paul Mason, who wrote the introduction to the LBC’s Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth, presents This Is A Coup, four films on Syriza’s struggle to save Greece, all of which can be found in this article from The Nation




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