CND Fundraiser – the best time of your life (18 Feb)

This will not only be the best gig you attend in 2015 but the greatest gig you have ever been to in your life. Why read about it in the bourgeois press the next day when you can actually be there and see history unfold before your eyes?We will be seeing Mush’s new line up for the first time – their sound will be augmented by alcohol and their attendance at the Jesus and Mary Chain gig on the preceding night. It is likely that their set will be interrupted by a marauding Ian Duncan Smith high on crystal meth.

Maggie8 will be sticking it to the man by levitating Leeds Civic Hall. They will do this by channelling the collective spirits of the 1912 F.A. Cup final winning team of Barnsley F.C. Expect a bare knuckle boxing match mid-set as Matt Flint takes things up a notch.

Confused Objectives are back from their world tour. The Objectives are the original inventors of punk and their music shakes the ruling class to its very foundations. Make sure you bring your best fighting gear because you should expect the riot police (and probably the army) to be turning up. (Please note we cannot guarantee the safety of ‘lifestyle punks’ or ‘fancy dress punks’ at this event).

The ceremony will be overseen by BAFTA award winning national celebrity Sean Morley. He will be delivering a sermon about the revolutionary ideas of President Jimmy Carter and breathing fire through a small tube.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY £3.00!!! – all profits will go to Yorkshire CND. Bring everyone you know and get them to bring everyone they know etc. See you down on the barricades…. Or at The Fenton

Where: the best and biggest venue in Leeds: The Fenton,
When: 1930 (you’ll be home in time for the news) Wed 19 Feb 2015
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