Deep divisions even among the rich

A recent article in the Financial Times (14.2.14) opened with this:

A deep divide has opened among Britain’s high earners, with an “über-middle” elite reaping the rewards of globalisation while millions of “cling-on” professionals struggle to sustain a middle class lifestyle.

An analysis of almost 40 years’ worth of data on salaries for the Financial Times has found that a large, highly qualified group has slipped down the economic league table. The findings starkly illustrate the growing inequality, driven by the highest earners, that policy makers are grappling with. President Barack Obama hasidentified the divide as a central theme of his second term.

 We don’t feel terribly sorry for anyone among this group of high earners, but it’s clearly an important result of neo-liberal policies and will therefore shape political policy over the next few years.  More here 

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