Discussing ‘The Thatcher Moment’ (15 May)

At the next Taking Soundings meeting we are presenting a round-table discussion about the significance of the last couple of weeks’ focus on the death and funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

To be introduced by Matthew Caygill, Pamela Fisher and Alex Nunn (all Leeds Met University). (Up to 15 minutes each.)

How do the Tories (and Labour) relate to the hegemonic project of Thatcherism? Will it all be forgotten soon, or are there lessons to be learnt from all the media coverage and political debate?

Matthew will be looking at the significance of the debates about the death and commemoration of Margaret Thatcher: what does it tell us about politics today?

Pamela will be looking at the impact of Thatcher on the dichotomies between the public and private and between economic and social/caring activities  – often to the detriment of the latter.

Alex will be looking at the overall legacy of Thatcherism. Here’s the paper that he’ll be delivering.Thatcher legacy – Alex Nunn

There will be plenty of time for discussion.

At 6pm on Wednesday 15th May 2013, in AG10 Broadcasting Place, LMU, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

[You might like to see this early, agenda-setting article on Thatcherism by Stuart Hall, first published in Marxism Today in 1988.}

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    April 26, 2013 at 10:10am

    Pleased to say that Pamela Fisher from Leeds Met will also be speaking at the roundtable, focussing on how Thatcherism has affected the balance between private and public spheres, with negative impacts for both.

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