Everyday Activism – conference and events in Leeds (12 June)

Everyday Activism: Protests as Events 

Leeds City Market: Thursday 12th June

A call for mobilisation 

Last year we took as our starting point Paul Chatterton’s (2006) argument that: “acknowledging that protest encounters are emotionally laden, relational, hybrid, corporeal and contingent, possibilities open up for breaking the silences that divide us and overcoming onto-logical divisions such as activist and non-activist.” This year we aim to take the conversations begun last year and move them on in some interesting new ways. Not just challenging the false division of academic and activist but also that of everyday activism and universal struggle, in order to explore the complex construction of protests as events / events as protests. We propose an innovative coming together of activists and academics to continue to build bridges, provoke debate and establish future agenda in the convergence of academic research and activist intervention.

More info direct from i.lamond@leedsmet.ac.uk or k.spracklen@leedsmet.ac.uk or click on this: Everyday Activism_CfM_2.

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