Festival of Politics in Leeds from 4 to 8 November

Leeds Met’s School of Politcs and Applied Global Ethics has a full programme of events from Monday 4th to Friday 8th November, including:

– Roger MacGinty on peace building (Monday 1200)

– Andrew Grinnell on building civil society power locally (Tuesday 0930)

– Steve Wright on civilising the torture trade (Tues 1300)

– Sunder Katwala on immigration (Tues 1500)

– Peter Lees (on drones), Noel Sharkey (on robots) (Wednesday 1300)

– Experiences of Israel and Palestine (Wed 1800)

– Fred Pearce on peoplequake (Thurs 1130)

– James Meadway, Helen Flynn and Bill Adams: progressive alternatives to austerity (Thurs 1330)

– Alex Nunn and colleagues: mock UN debate on Syria (Friday 0930)

– Rachel Reeves ‘Building a One Nation Economy’ (Fri 1600)


Full details and registration form here

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