Frank Furedi in Leeds to discuss authority (3 March)

Leeds Salon presents:

What does Authority mean in the 21st Century?

Date: Monday 3 March 2014

Venue: Room 1, Carriageworks Theatre, 6:45pm – 8:30pm

Speaker: Frank Furedi

Respondents: Kim Knott and Jane Rickard

To start off our fifth year of organising and promoting public debate in Leeds we’ve invited author and social commentator Frank Furedi to discuss his latest book Authority: A Sociological History.

In the 21st Century authority appears to have become “an elusive force”. While the issue and contestation of authority has been a central concern throughout human history, today the very idea of authority seems to be viewed in an almost entirely negative light. While every contemporary scandal or crisis creates a demand for authoritative solutions, this aspiration for authoritative answers seems to coincide with a cultural sensibility that is profoundly suspicious of the exercise of authority. In fact, it appears that we have become far more comfortable questioning authority than with affirming it.

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