Generation Rent and the Housing Crisis

Following a great event with Quintin Bradley, Senior Lecturer in Housing Studies at Leeds Beckett University, last Thursday (October)

Quintin has agreed to share his slides from the talk, which can now be found here Generation Rent. & the Housing Crisis

A chronic under-supply of housing, and grossly inflated house prices, have condemned ‘generation rent’ to the endless insecurity of the private rented sector. A new assault on the provision of social housing coupled with the imposition of further benefit caps has created a swaggeringly unequal landscape with central areas of our cities rendered entirely unaffordable. But there are growing signs of popular protest in this country against the injustices of the broken housing market. A new wave of direct action from tenants in the private rented sector signals the resurgence of a movement for housing rights with rent control and new council housing among its demands. This talk will identify the key sites of conflict in government housing policy and discuss the possibilities and opportunities for this new resistance movement.

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