Gerry Hassan’s vision for radicals in Scotland

Gerry Hassan [Scottish left Project] explodes current myths about British politics and makes these recommendations for radicals in Scotland . . . they look pretty relevant to the whole of the UK:

  • Develop a serious programme of political economy – a concept Scotland gave the modern world and then stopped exploring. Political economy is much wider than economics, and includes moral purpose and the importance of social factors: a terrain relevant for 21st century reinvention.
  • Address the limits of economic growth, finite resources and break with the economic determinism of the Westminster consensus and Salmondnomics.
  • Put social justice at the heart of everything Scotland, government, public bodies and business do. This should go beyond its current articulation of welfarism, the poor and low pay, and include structural issues and power, from land to corporate capture and the super-rich.
  • Tackle our weak democracy. Scotland has historically had an elite run society and politics. The indyref ignited the democratic impulse of public life and has to be nurtured to bust upon the closed, managed order which has been unchallenged too long. A programme of political, economic, social and local democracy is needed which identifies what forces and vessels people can use and own to have collective voice.
  • Develop a vision of independence and self-government which isn’t about the SNP meme of defining it as ‘the full powers of the Parliament’. This is a limiting, debilitating, top down use of politics and society, one where political change and power comes through politicians. Instead, a self-governing Scotland is about more than independence and the powers of the Parliament – but interindependence, dispersing political power, and redistributing and fairly sharing income, wealth and opportunity.

Read the whole article here 

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