Government attacks on migrants and minorities

How the Government is creating a climate of fear for migrants and ethnic minorities

Immigration has always been a topic arousing passionate debate. Yet, recently, Home Office tactics for countering irregular immigration have hardened and become increasingly politicised. On 3 July, 2013, a tweet was sent from the official UK Home Office account which read ‘There will be no hiding place for illegal immigrants with the new #ImmigrationBill.’ Attached to this message was a photo of police officers putting a faceless brown-skinned man into the back of a police van. Later that month, adverts reading ‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest’ were mounted onto the back of a van and driven around a selection of London boroughs with large migrant heritage populations. This was followed by an intensification of immigration checks, targeting tube stations in poor, mixed urban areas, which according to Doreen Lawrence and eyewitness accounts have involved racial profiling and intimidation.


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