Help raise money for Resist! (the book)


Forthcoming book from Lawrence and Wishart:

Resist! Against a precarious future
Ed. Ray Filar

Resist! is the third in the Radical Future series – books from a collective of younger writers writing about alternative politics through a generational lens.
Like the previous books in the series (Radical Future and Regeneration) the aim is to putResist! out in digital form for free download. However, to get it out for free in time for the election brings with it certain costs. In order to cover these costs, we have put together an online crowdfunder to raise the money needed.
As is the spirit of a crowdfunder, there are rewards for different donation amounts. Rewards include paperback copies of Resist!, artwork, tote bags, as well as workshops, canal boat rides and a rowdy pub debate on the topic of your choosing.
All donations will be put towards the publication of this book (or if we go over our target, to the publication of future Radical Future books). You can find more information about the Resist!crowdfunder here



March 2015
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