Labour’s new thinking – does it add up?

In a recent article for the IPPR, John Cruddas and Liam Byrne set out their ‘contours’ of the way forward for the Labour Party. Here they are:

“. . . the contours of a new centre-left social politics are emerging on the horizon. First, we want to pursue an ‘active equality’, concerned with contribution as well as distribution, moral worth as well as material wealth. Second, we want to mobilise resources from across society and within people’s lives, while prioritising government spending on strategic investments. Third, we want to redistribute power to people and places, rather than centralising it in the state. Fourth, we want to place limits on the reach of markets to protect the public interest and the space for a democratic society. And fifth, we want to advance a majoritarian political project, where everyone has a stake and a contribution to make, rejecting both sectional politics and social division.”

Taking Soundings is non-aligned – we are simply interested in debating whether or not this is a sound basis for radical politics in the UK. The rest of the article is available here Please post your comments.

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