Leeds for Change – launch of the new hub website for radicals (April 2014)

Taking Soundings has been working with Tidal and Together for Peace since the Spring of 2012 to create a new hub website to link all the progressive organisations and individuals in Leeds.  Our aims are to make it simple for everyone to know what’s going on, make it easier easier to get involved, and therefore to help build the movements for social change.

We’ve done a lot of consultation, and raised a lot of money.  We have been able to build an exceptionally sophisticated website.  Anyone, or any organisation, who agrees with our core values – solidarity, justice and equality – can join. (Organisations pay a small fee.)  All members can post entails of their events, share their resources, write blog posts, and more.  Anyone, whether or not they are a member, can use the site to find out about everything that’s being done (and thought about) to change Leeds (and maybe the world) for the better.

The beta version of the site is being launched on Monday 7th April 2014, but all the tickets for that festive event disappeared as soon as they were advertised.

If you click here you’ll find out more.  Watch this space for details of how you can sign up.

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