Multicultural Bradford – against the EDL (12 October)

We are Bradford

Unite Against the EDL

Saturday 12 October, 11am
Urban Gardens, Bradford
Join our united, peaceful multicultural celebration of Bradford 

George Galloway, MP for Bradford West:

“The EDL are a scourge who seek to sow division and hatred wherever they go. Time and again, people from ethnic minorities, their places of worship, passers by and even the police have been subject to terrible abuse and even violence from the thugs who come on all their events.

“That is why my fellow Bradford MP Gerry Sutcliffe and I called on the Police Commissioner and the Chief Constable to ban them from Bradford on Saturday October 12th when they announced they intended to come here. I am very disappointed this is not going to happen and instead the police are allowing them to gather behind City Hall.

“I am still calling on the police to change their decision on this. The last thing Bradford City Centre needs is these people coming from outside Bradford to try and intimidate and abuse shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon.

“But I am also calling on everyone to come out to Urban Gardens in Bradford City Centre for a multicultural celebration organised by We Are Bradford. This gathering will be to bring Bradford together in unity to celebrate the profusion of cultural gifts that this city has, with music and other events. The celebration is from 11am to 4pm, Saturday 12th October.

“Please do everything you can to be there. We have to show the thugs we won’t be intimidated and we are proud of the positive things Bradford has achieved in the past, including the promotion of City to Division 1, and will continue to achieve in the future.”

We Are Bradford statementSupported by Unite Against FascismWe strongly oppose plans by the violent English Defence League (EDL) to hold a racist demonstration in Bradford on Saturday 12 October.

We urge everyone to unite together and build the largest possible peaceful celebration of multicultural Bradford on Saturday 12 October.

The biggest possible gathering will help show that the overwhelming majority of Bradford people reject the violence, racism and division of the EDL.

We oppose the cynical and self serving attempt by the EDL to use racism to divide our multicultural city without a care for the damage they leave in their wake.

The EDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia – bigotry against Muslims – is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. Its aim is to divide us by making scapegoats of one community.

Today they threaten Muslims, tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians and gay men, Travellers or Eastern Europeans.


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