Plan C events throughout May 2014

Our friends at Plan C have a programme of events you need to know about:

Event 1:  29th April (Tuesday), 8pm Wharf Chambers – Ten Minute Tubthump on “Luxury Communism.” A ten minute provocative talk followed by drinks and discussion.
Event 2:  3rd May (Saturday) 1.30pm Hunslet Turned Upside Down.
A guided walk through Hunslet’s contested past, its uncertain present and several possible futures. We will look critically at current plans for developing the South of Leeds. Ask who and what is driving them? Towards what ends? And how likely are they to come true?
Led by Leeds Plan C
Meet at the Tetly at 1.30 pm Saturday 3rd May. Bring walking shoes and thinking caps.

The walk shall return to the Tetley in time for…

Archeology of the Future

“The birth and development of The Island is nothing less than a romance. It is a romance of the truth, which ever is greater than fiction.” The Bee (Boots company magazine), 1923

Just outside Nottingham city centre lies a large wasteland known locally as The Island. Formerly home to Boots’ pharmaceutical factories, railways, gas works and much more besides, the site has (seemingly) lain dormant for over twenty years: a stubbornly stagnant scar at the heart of the post-industrial city. A wasteland.

But what does it mean to say that a piece of land is going to waste?

Archeology of the Future is a series of performances that explores who makes such judgements. Disasterbating snails, scifi happenings and bold utopian visions question the social, political and economic forces that (re)produce ‘waste’. Modern day rituals and yesterday’s futures collide, suggesting that time on The Island hasn’t stopped – it’s just been knocked out of joint…’

By David Bell and Rebecca Beinart

4pm-6pm Saturday 3rd May, The Tetley.

Following this performance we will have a chance to discuss the Wastelands of both Hunslet and Nottingham

Tickets for the walk can be booked here (they are free but numbers need to be limited for practical reasons):

Event3:  Reading group on Neoliberalism and Psychological Distress.

The increasingly precarious conditions of work and life have led to dramatic rise in psychological distress. In recent years more workdays have been lost to stress than were lost to strikes in the 1970s. Yet political action rarely takes such factors into account. Leeds Plan C is facilitating an open reading group on how to do just that. All welcome.

11th May (Sunday), 7pm at Wharf Chambers – the first meeting of the reading group. We will be discussing two texts by David Smail:

Social Power and Psychological Distress:

Draft Manifesto for a Social Materialist Psychology of Distress:

25th May (Sunday), 7pm at Wharf Chambers – second meeting of the reading group on Neoliberalism and Psychological Distress. We will be discussing the text:

We are all very Anxious:

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