Podemos in Perspective – Manchester (18 Jan)

Circulo Podemos Manchester

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Podemos IN PERSPECTIVE brings politics to everyone

Podemos Manchester brings the latest Iciar Bollain’s film and opens up a debate about Spanish emigration to everyone


On Sunday 18th January 2015 from 11.30am until 6pm, the “Circulo Podemos Manchester” will host a full day international event “Podemos IN PERSPECTIVE” at the Manchester Conference Centre in Pendulum Hotel (78 Sackville Street, M1 3BB Manchester, UK)

Podemos, an anti-austerity political party formed a year ago in Spain, won 1.2m votes and five seats in May’s European elections and is currently leading in the opinion polls – ahead of the two established parties – with the country’s general elections less than a year away.

In several cities across the UK, Spanish migrants who left the country following the economic crisis have formed groups – called “Circulos” – in support of the party which promises to “work to build a country they can return to.”

This event will bring together local social activists, as well as representatives of political parties in the UK and Europe with similar aims to Podemos, such as Greece’s Syriza. These groups will take part in an open discussion about current affairs and the socio-economic reasons behind growing Spanish emigration.

The event will be split into 3 parts. To begin there will be a presentation by “Circulo Podemos Manchester” (a group of Spanish immigrants living in Manchester who hold regular meetings and events to discuss the political situation in Spain.)

This will be followed by a screening of the political documentary “En Tierra Extraña” (In A Foreign Land) by award-winning Spanish director Iciar Bollaín, and an open discussion about the themes raised in the film around Spanish migration.

The discussion will include a panel of noted guests such as Iciar Bollaín (Director of the movie screened), Marina Prentoulis (Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at University of East Anglia and member of Syriza), Luis Cordero ((Lecturer in Spanish Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester) and Christopher Perriam (Professor of Hispanic Studies  at the University of Manchester).

Closing the event will be a UK Circulos Assembly, where all the Podemos groups scattered around the UK will be introduced. This session will involve discussions about the different activities of each Circulo and ways of working together on projects that assist Spanish immigrants and support British social movements.

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