Update on opposition to the EDL’s arrival in Moortown

EDL not welcome in Leeds leaflet redux


There’s also a disco-dance protest against the EDL being organised starting from the King Lane junction with the ring-road at mid-day.  And Together for Peace in Leeds have been talking with local people who are concerned about the disruption to their neighbourhood.  Here’s an update from them:

It looks like the EDL protest and UAF counter demo will both happen locally in Moortown on the Lingfield Estate. Both officially peaceful and to be policed with community policing.


T4P met with folk living and working locally to discuss options on the day itself and to support residents, many of whom are concerned about various groups arriving onto the estate. It’s been arranged for a local school to be open as a space for residents, if needed. We’ve (T4P) offered to be there to connect with a local group who live on the estate.


The two churches St Johns and St Stephens on the edges of the estate will also both be open that day.

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