Recent experiences in Israel and Palestine – an event on 6 Nov

Reflections on recent visits to Israel and Palestine

In the summer of 2013, a group of young people spent a week in Palestine and a week in Israel, walking the Abraham Path and volunteering at two NGOs. This was one of the programmes run by Leeds Met Uni’s international volunteering office in conjunction with the UK Friends of Abraham’s Path.
Another group, of Jews and Muslims from Leeds, who have been conducting conversations for some time, also took a ‘learning journey’ to Israel and Palestine this summer. This group was organised by Together for Peace in Leeds.
Two members of each group, along with Dr Sarah Perego (Bradford Uni, Peace Studies) who recently undertook a similar trip, will speak for a few minutes about their experiences, and then there will be an open discussion, chaired by Dr Paul Wetherly (Leeds Met).
This is not just another political meeting. It is a reflective discussion, arising from recent experiences. It will be actively chaired, to avoid any one voice dominating, and to inhibit sectarian conflict. It is only worth attending this event if you come with an open mind and some empathy with both the Israelis and the Palestinians.
[Max Farrar led the Leeds Met group.  His reflection on a difficult aspect of the trip – “anti-Judaism” – was published by PublicSpirit.  You can read it here ]
Date and time: 6-7.30pm, Wednesday 6th November,
Venue:  A building, Room 103, Broadcasting Place, Leeds Met University, Woodhouse Lane (the tall rust-coloured new building opposite the Fenton Pub).

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