About us

Leeds Taking Soundings has no party political affiliations, but is loosely associated with the journal Soundings. Our purpose is to stimulate discussion about politics and culture in Leeds (UK) and surrounding areas. We have received a small grant from the Lipman-Miliband Trust, but currently we have no funding.

To keep up to date with us, click here for an RSS feed from our site. We are on Twitter as @takingsoundings and we will Tweet information about all kinds of radical events in and around Leeds.  Please follow us on Twitter.

We are a small, informally organised group of leftists most of whom work, or have worked, at Leeds Metropolitan University or at Leeds University. The committee meets once a month and we welcome new committee members. We have  450+ people on our mailing list. We put out a mailing advertising what we are doing about once a month. Please let us know if you want to join the list and/or the committee.

We organise a public meeting, usually once a month, with a break in the summer, addressed by a fairly well-known person, which results in lively discussion.  All our events are free (we take a collection) and open to everyone. They are usually held at Broadcasting Place, one of Leeds Metropolitan University’s buildings on Woodhouse Lane (LS1 3HE), next to the old BBC building, opposite The Fenton pub, just north of the inner-ring road.

This map, which is ridiculously small on screen but prints off OK, shows where Broadcasting Place is located (marked as No. 1 on this map).

On this website we advertise events organised by ourselves and by others whose aims we broadly share. We post articles and information we think will be valuable to people on the left.  We also post links to organisations and publications which we think will be of interest. (For these, check our LINKS page, where useful articles from various publications are posted quite frequently.)

A list of event we’ve organised (since 2008) can be found at the foot of the TS EVENTS page. It gives a good idea of the breadth of our interests. We are open to suggestions for speakers and topics.

If you’d like to receive an alert to our postings, click here and your computer will start an email folder into which a message will pop when there’s some activity on this site – which is fairly often.  Please follow us on Twitter @takingsoundings.