Simon Hall speaks about ‘1956: The World in Revolt’

Thursday, March 17th, 6PM in Broadcasting Place BPAG02 (Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Fenton)
1956 was one of the most remarkable years of the twentieth century – all across the globe, ordinary people spoke out, filled the streets and city squares, and took up arms in an attempt to win their freedom.
Popular uprisings in Poland and Hungary shook Moscow’s hold on its eastern European empire. Across the American South, and in South Africa, black people risked their livelihoods, and their lives, in the struggle to dismantle institutionalised white supremacy. France and Britain, already battling anti-colonial insurgencies in Algeria and Cyprus, faced the humiliation of Suez. Meanwhile, in Cuba, Fidel Castro and his band of rebels launched their audacious bid to overthrow a dictator. Faced with unprecedented challenges to their authority, those in power fought back, often ruthlessly, in a desperate bid to shore up their position. It was an epic contest, and one that transformed the post-war world.
Dr Simon Hall, is Head of School and Senior Lecturer in American History in the School of History at the University of Leeds. He is also the author of Peace and Freedom: The Civil Rights and Antiwar Movements in the 1960s (2005), American Patriotism, American Protest: Social Movements Since the Sixties (2010), and Rethinking the American Anti-War Movement (2012).

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