Stop the racist “Go Home” campaign

An early day motion is being presented to the House of Commons opposing the government’s “Go Home” campaign against migrants in the UK. It’s being supported by AARX, Action Against Racism and Xenophobia, a new group composed of academics working closely with activists in the ‘race’ field.  AARX arose out of articles commissioned by Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya and Dr Karim Murji on politically-engaged research on ‘race’. The early day motion and assistance with contacting your MP is set out here, on the AARX website.

(The articles, in the current issue of the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies, can be accessed here, but are very expensive to download unless you can obtain them through a university library. If you aren’t easily linked to a university, we can probably find someone at Leeds Met who will do this for you if you really want to read any of them. Get in touch via our CONTACT link.)

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