Oppose the EDL in Wakefield

A supporter of Unite Against Fascism writes:

The wretched EDL are coming to our area again. This time to Wakefield on Saturday Nov 23, 2013. They are desperate to have a ‘win’ given their current state of disorganisation, so it is important that we don’t let them have it. Two leaflets attached – one for a public meeting on Nov 19, the other about the counter-demonstration.

Supporters of the counter-demonstration (supported by the Bishop of Wakefield no less!) will be travelling  over to Wakefield on the 110 bus that leaves from Leeds bus station every 10 minutes. We will congregate between Millgarth Police Station and the bus station entrance and I will circulate the time when we know the assembly time in Wakefield.

Leaflets can be downloaded here


Here are some photos of the recent anti-EDL actions in BradfordIMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2020 IMG_2025