PLAN C has plans for Leeds (13, 14 Nov 2015)

Plan C events coming up soon:

On Friday 13th November 7pm, there is a book launch, discussion and gig. Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams discuss their new book: Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World without Work. The discussion will be followed by the band F.A.L.C.O performing the songs of 80s futurist Oi band Red Plenty and a performance by the band War Lass.

The 1 in 12 Club, Albion St, Bradford
On Saturday 14th November 7pm another discussion with Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams about the book Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World without Work. Following the discussion will be the social for the Plan C national congress taking place in Leeds that weekend. All invited.
LAB (Live Arts Bistro) Regent Street, LS2 Leeds.

Facebook event page:

What is Plan C? Taking Soundings event on Monday 16th March

Please note: our next event is at The Tetley (not our usual stalking ground at Leeds Becket University). It’s in the centre of Leeds, close to Leeds Bridge and the Adelphi pub. We are experimenting with a more convivial location – The Tetley has wonderful art exhibitions and an excellent bar and restaurant. More about The Tetley here.  And it’s on a Monday, not our usual Wednesday. And we are starting at 7pm, not our usual 6pm, so you might get there early to use the facilities and chat. 

Dr Keir Milburn answers the question:

What is Plan C?

The main government response to the financial crisis that began in 2006 has been austerity and repression. The crisis of neoliberalism needs… more neoliberalism! Our political and economic elites, the dominant fractions of capital, are incapable of new thinking. For them there is only one plan, Plan A. More of the same. They cannot solve this crisis, they can only displace it. In response some propose a Plan B. Indeed there have been many. But most of these remain too trapped by the past. They seek a return to the postwar years, the Keynesian deal. Yet there is no route of return, the world is too altered, that vision of change is too limited.

If we reject Plan A and Plan B then what should we call Plan C? The reopening of strategy, the making of plans, attention to what’s necessary, a rethinking of means. We want to use these lenses (Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C) to have a conversation about austerity and the responses to it. If a course of action is objectionable then we must do more than just object. Instead we pose the question: how do we make it stop? How do we exercise power? How do we build something different? How do we start from where we are, so together we can decide where we are off to?

Keir Milburn lives in Leeds and works at the University of Leicester. His research takes place on the boundaries between organisational theory, political theory and cultural studies. His recent focus has been on social movement organisation. Keir is a member of Plan C.  More about Keir here  More about Plan C here 

Time: 7 – 9pm

Date: Monday 16th March

Venue: The Tetley, Leeds. Directions here There is good parking and easy bus access.

All welcome. Free – but there will be a collection.

Plan C’s forthcoming events

Here’s a more detailed version of the upcoming events at Leeds Plan C (more details on Plan C at the end of this posting):

On Monday October 20th 7pm, The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

Leeds Plan C host the book launch of “Futures”, the debut novel by John Barker.

The launch will feature a discussion between the author and Alice Nutter on the role that political fiction can play in political change.

John Barker was born in London in 1948. In 1969, along with six others he ripped up his Cambridge University finals papers as part of a campaign against education as a system of exclusion. In 1972 he was convicted with three others of conspiring to cause explosions in what was called the Angry Brigade trial. He served a ten-year prison sentence. He worked as a dustman and welder before being implicated in a conspiracy to import cannabis in 1986. In 1990 he was finally arrested and served a five-year sentence. Since then he has worked constantly as writer and book indexer.

Alice Nutter is a scriptwriter for TV and theatre; she was previously in the pop band Chumbawamba.

On Tuesday 28th October 7.30pm – The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

Ten Minute Tubthump: Can the arts help change the world?

What role can culture play in changing the world for the better? Should the arts be a key arena for political struggle? Whose culture gets funded and whose doesn’t? Leeds Plan C host a short provocative talk by Rod Dixon, Director of Red Ladder Theatre company followed by informal discussion, drinks and general plotting and planning on how we can actually change this world.

Red Ladder Theatre Company was founded in 1968 and is one of Britain’s leading national touring companies. It not onlycreates theatre about and around human struggle but also brings it to communities normally bypassed by the arts. In 2014 it suffered a 100% cut in its funding from the Arts Council. Coincidentally at the same time Opera North received an increase in their Arts Council funding to £31,150,000, which is 30.5% of all the arts funding in Yorkshire, more than “all the organisations in Sheffield, York, Bradford, Hull, Kirklees, Doncaster and Barnsley combined”

On Saturday November 8th – Leeds University Union, University of Leeds

The A, B, & C of Crisis

A workshop organised by Leeds Plan C at the Leeds Summat event


On Sunday November 9th 2pm – Wharf Chambers Wharf Street, Leeds

Plan Cinema – Office Space

The first in a series of three films about work. Mike Judge’s classic film about the indignities of office work and modern management. Three company workers who hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss.


On Sunday December 7th 3.30pm – Wharf Chambers Wharf Street, Leeds

Plan Cinema – The Boss of it All

The second in a series of three films about work. Lar’s Von Trier nails the slipperiness of modern power structures. For years, the owner of a company has pretended that the real boss lives in America and communicates with the staff only by e-mail. That way, all the unpopular decisions can be attributed to the absentee manager, while all the popular ones to him directly. This all comes unstuck when a prospective buyer demands to meet the boss of it all.

On Sunday January 11th 2015 – Plan Cinema – Coming for a Visit (Wharf Chambers)

For up-to-date information, check the Plan C  Facebook page website which is usually kept up to date:

Plan C’s website, which has a lot more information, is here




We need to talk about work (30 Sept)

Plan C Meeting

7.30 pm, Tuesday Sept 30th The Rose Bowl – Leeds Beckett University, Room CC RB223

Public Meeting: We Need to Talk about Work

A discussion of present day work, benefits regimes, sanctions, and how all this relates to the TUC’s march organised for October 18th with the slogan “Britain Deserves a Pay Rise”.


Plan C’s July – October 2014 events

Check out Plan C’s plans for the next few months . . .

29 July, 8pm, Veritas, Great George St, Leeds

Ten Minute Tubthump “Reasons not to be a woman in 2014” From the far right to men’s rights, from the nuclear family to a sisterhood gone very wrong. What is the current state of struggle for women and where do we go from here? A ten minute provocative talk followed by informal discussion, drinks and general plotting and planning on how we can actually change this world.

Saturday August 2nd – Sunday August 3rd, Leeds.

Plan C National Congress.

Contact Leeds Plan C if you’d like to attend

Sunday August 3rd 3.30pm, Wharf Chambers Wharf Street, Leeds

Plan Cinema: Probing the Future

Plan C kicks off a series of three critical science-fiction films with Sleep Dealer. This Mexican film from director Alex Rivera, originally released in 2008, uses a near-future setting to explore the privatization of natural resources, migrant labour, and increasingly mediated military and communicational technologies interwoven through a subtle story of connection across borders.

26 August, 8pm, Veritas, Great George St, Leeds

Ten Minute Tubthump, topic tbc A ten minute provocative talk followed by informal discussion, drinks and general plotting and planning on how we can actually change this world.

Sunday September 7th 3.30pm, Wharf Chambers Wharf Street, Leeds

Plan Cinema: Probing the Future

Next in the series of three critical science-fiction films with The Man in the White Suit. A 19521 classic staring Alex Guinness. The discovery of an indestructible white material begins a hilarious romp that incidentally dissects capitalism’s tendency to stunt technological progress.

 Friday 12th September – Sunday 14th September. YHA Edale, The Peak District

Fast Forward Weekend 2014: Demanding the Future

Plan C is hosting FFW2014, a weekend of discussions, plenaries, workshops, walking, climbing and socialising. We hope FFW2014 will contribute to building new relationships, new ideas, new energies and new strategies that help equip us to enact the future. Open to all. For details see:

Sunday October 5th 3.30pm, Wharf Chambers Wharf Street, Leeds

Plan Cinema: Probing the Future

Last in the series of three critical science-fiction films with Omicron

The body of an apparently dead Italian worker is found inside a pipe. The worker, however, is not dead. His body has been taken over by Omicron, an alien who is seeking to learn the customs and functions of modern humans as a prelude to an alien invasion. As Omicron learns how to operate the body he returns to the workers factory job and is soon enmeshed in the class struggle of the time. This plot device allows us an outsider’s view of the situation resulting in a light-hearted parody of the capitalist system.