Support our key values? £500 grants to be applied for

Thanks to a philanthropist, a fund is available for 20 groups in Leeds to obtain grants of up to £500. Your group must subscribe to Justice, Equality and Solidarity. And it has to register with our friends at  Leeds for Change. And it has to fill in an application form.  Deadline 17 November 2014. More here on the Leeds for Change website 

The Open Tribe – extract from Sue Gross’ new book

‘This wonderful book is true to the conversations that inspired it. Sue Goss takes us with her on an exhilarating journey as she explores a politics of generosity and openness. In doing so, she underlines the importance of curiosity and listening to democratic citizenship.’
                                                      Baronness Ruth Lister

We all have something that drives us to be political, but we will be held back if we are not open to connections with others, and what drives them. Hence the idea of the open tribe. Sue Goss’s insightful book takes us into the future of a politics that might actually work.’                                  Neal Lawson

This book asks whether or not it is possible to combine the values of solidarity and belonging with curiosity and openness towards difference. Is it possible to create an ‘Open Tribe’?  You can read an extract of the book for free on Lawrence and Wishart’s website here