Free the Barnsley Two! West Yorks Freedom Riders needed

South Yorkshire’s Taking Soundings friend Brian Johnson writes: 

The Freedom Riders have already scored a significant victory in our battle to restore free train travel for pensioners and disabled in South Yorkshire.  After only a month of protest the SYPTE gave the disabled the right to free train travel in South Yorkshire and into West Yorkshire.  However,pensioners must pay half fare and only in South Yorkshire.  So we are continuing the struggle to get pensioners free as well and to travel into West Yorkshire.

As you may have seen in the media we had a peaceful protest at Sheffield station,which was disrupted by police attacks, resulting in two of our colleagues being arrested.
What we want to do is establish links with interested people in West Yorkshire to coordinate our activities.  Last week we went to the Pensioners Parliament in Blackpool and made several useful contacts.  Note that free train travel for the disabled and pensioners is available in London, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.
Our next rally is in Barnsley at 1pm in Regent St, just up from the Sheffield station, where we will lobby the councillors attending the SYPTE meeting, on Monday 30.6.14.
The following Monday, 7.7.14. there will be a rally at Sheffield magistrates court, at 9.45am,to demonstrate our support for the arrested people.
Free the Barnsley 2.
Come along if you are able and make yourselves known to us.
Feel free to contact me for further information.