Tom Steele on the Leeds Arts Club, Alfred Orage, and Guild Socialism

Tom Steele spoke at a Taking Soundings event in November 2011 on socialism, feminism and aestheticism in and around Leeds. His work on the Leeds Arts Club is celebrated. Recently he spoke at the Big BookEnd festival about Michael Sadler’s role in Leeds, both as Vice-Chancellor of Leeds University and within the Leeds Arts Club.  He’s kindly sent us the text that formed the basis of the Big BookEnd talk, which you can access here: Tom Steele – Michael Sadler Whitechapel draft

He’s also provided us with an article on Alfred Orage (founder of the Leeds Arts Club) and Guild Socialism.  That’s available here Tom Steele – Orage and Guild Socialism

We’re placing these on this site because we are interested in building a bit of an archive of writing on radicalism in Leeds. Let us know if you have texts you’d like us to consider to add to this archive.

2 thoughts on “Tom Steele on the Leeds Arts Club, Alfred Orage, and Guild Socialism

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    Julian Satterthwaite

    March 11, 2017 at 9:56am

    Is Tom Steele’s book on Orage published?

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      Taking Soundings

      March 11, 2017 at 1:09pm

      Yes, it’s been published twice! Have you searched on Abebooks? I’m sure you’ll find a copy there.

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