What is Plan C? Taking Soundings event on Monday 16th March

Please note: our next event is at The Tetley (not our usual stalking ground at Leeds Becket University). It’s in the centre of Leeds, close to Leeds Bridge and the Adelphi pub. We are experimenting with a more convivial location – The Tetley has wonderful art exhibitions and an excellent bar and restaurant. More about The Tetley here.  And it’s on a Monday, not our usual Wednesday. And we are starting at 7pm, not our usual 6pm, so you might get there early to use the facilities and chat. 

Dr Keir Milburn answers the question:

What is Plan C?

The main government response to the financial crisis that began in 2006 has been austerity and repression. The crisis of neoliberalism needs… more neoliberalism! Our political and economic elites, the dominant fractions of capital, are incapable of new thinking. For them there is only one plan, Plan A. More of the same. They cannot solve this crisis, they can only displace it. In response some propose a Plan B. Indeed there have been many. But most of these remain too trapped by the past. They seek a return to the postwar years, the Keynesian deal. Yet there is no route of return, the world is too altered, that vision of change is too limited.

If we reject Plan A and Plan B then what should we call Plan C? The reopening of strategy, the making of plans, attention to what’s necessary, a rethinking of means. We want to use these lenses (Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C) to have a conversation about austerity and the responses to it. If a course of action is objectionable then we must do more than just object. Instead we pose the question: how do we make it stop? How do we exercise power? How do we build something different? How do we start from where we are, so together we can decide where we are off to?

Keir Milburn lives in Leeds and works at the University of Leicester. His research takes place on the boundaries between organisational theory, political theory and cultural studies. His recent focus has been on social movement organisation. Keir is a member of Plan C.  More about Keir here  More about Plan C here 

Time: 7 – 9pm

Date: Monday 16th March

Venue: The Tetley, Leeds. Directions here There is good parking and easy bus access.

All welcome. Free – but there will be a collection.

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