‘What would socialism look like?’ Colin Barker speaks in Leeds on 3rd October

Mike McGrath was in the International Socialists back in the 1960s but left shortly after it became the Socialist Workers Party.  Colin Barker also dates from the venerable says of the IS. Mike, lifelong radical and trade unionist, comes to Taking Soundings from time to time, but has recently re-joined the SWP, in search of redder meat.  He sent us this message:

I haven’t (I think) circulated any SWP bumpf since I rejoined over a year ago but I feel that this is one would be of interest to some of you..

Colin Barker – an old friend and an SWP member for 50 years – is speaking in Leeds on ‘What would socialist revolution look like?’. I went to him speak on this at Marxism [ed: this is an annual SWP jamboree that is open to all] in London  a couple of months ago mainly because he’s a friend and not expecting anything very exciting. But in fact he was very witty and perceptive and very well worth listening to. It’s also particularly relevant given the state (in particular) of the Arab world. For example has Egypt had a revolution? – if so is there a counter revolution underway?  

The meeting takes place at 19.30 on Thursday Oct 3, 2013, in Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds – opposite the Fenton pub.

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